Accepting Universal Payments - How the flow works

Accepting your local or international payments with UnifiedPurse saves you from all the risk, hurdles and charges of credit card payment gateways.
Payments are received via UnifiedPurse in crypto-currency equivalent (BTC,LTC or ETH); i.e. UnifiedPurse doesn't hold fiat currencies like USD for you.

Now let's paint a scenario: We are going to use the word 'Bitcoin' instead of 'crypto-currency' (which could also mean Litecoin or Ethereum) to make the description clearer.
We will also use 'PayPal' as an example external payment system (which alternatively may be: Bank transfer, Western union,...many more)
Supposing that you want to sell ProductX at 100 USD which is equivalent to 0.1 BTC (by your own conversion rate).
When your customer lands on UnifiedPurse SCI portal to buy ProductX, they will be required to pay 0.1 BTC
Here are the 5 scenarios of how the transaction may play out:
Case 1: Your customer already have 0.1 btc on some external wallet, so they just checkout directly by transferring the amount to the address displayed to them.
Case 2: Your customer happened to have a UnifiedPurse account, with up to 0.1 btc in the wallet, so they just authenticate and checkout.
Case 3: Your customer neither has bitcoin anywhere nor a UnifiedPurse account (they don't even need it), but you already signal to us via a token on the SCI that you trust this fellow and have their kyc details with you.
Instead, your customer want to pay with PayPal, so they will be presented with a list of Bitcoin exchangers(sellers) that accept payments via PayPal on UnifiedPurse. Once they chose one that will sell 0.1 BTC, and the transaction is initiated, then they transfer 10 USD (or whatever charges inclusive) to the exchanger via PayPal.
The exchanger acknowledged this transfer, you'll get the 0.1 btc in your UnifiedPurse, and the 3-way transaction is completed.
(Please Note: Your customer must be paying from the account details/email that you had pre-identified from the customer-trusting parameter that you passed to the SCI portal).
Case 4. Your customer is not someone you really know, and they don't have bitcoin anywhere either. They want to just pay with PayPal.
No problem, they can do a quick sign up and kyc on unifiedpurse, buy bitcoin with their paypal and use the bitcoin that is now in their unifiedpurse wallet to checkout.
Case 5: Your customer doesn't have bitcoin anywhere, they just want to pay with PayPal. But there's an issue: they couldn't find any suitable exchanger/rates from the in-house exchangers on UnifiedPurse. So they want to pick one from external websites bitcoin sellers/exchangers, that are featured on UnifiedPurse market.
In this case they may have to sign-up on the partner's external site anyway, to buy btc, from which they'll now transfer 0.1BTC to the transaction address displayed here for the payment to be successfully completed.

So, how do I withdraw my received Bitcoins from UnifiedPurse into my local bank account or PayPal?

Very good question! Simply login and proceed to the Unified Market; Choose any of the crypto-currency Buyers that pays out with national bank transfer (or PayPal if that's what you want), and sell your Bitcoins to them instantly.