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How It Works

Do you have an e-commerce store, donation scheme, event or any other business/services for which you need to receive payments?
And you have multiple payment methods/bank-accounts.

Here are some example of scenarios where UnifiedPurse saves the day:

  • You want to accept payments on your multiple platforms, like any of Woocommerce, Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, Mobile app or other Custom-website, without needing to be keeping up with payments plugins/implementation for each of your payment methods.
  • Your payment methods have different processing charges for receiving payments (e.g bank stamp duty, TAX,...) and you prefer that the payers sort-out those charges.
  • You don't really know some of the customers that much, and they want to pay with credit cards (having risk of chargeback if it's a stolen card..), so you need them do undergo UnifiedPurse KYC.
  • You want to allow some payment options, only if the transaction amount is greater/lesser that a particular figure.
  • There is a tendency of you needing to disable/enabled some payment options at some certain times.
Instead of having to fiddle with your web settings every now and then.
Or writing a long payment instructions (which most customers hurriedly skip through anyway).

This is what you should do:

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