Frequently Asked Questions

Either you simply want to send money to another person; Buy and Sell digital currencies, or start trading (buying and selling) digital currencies for profit, UnifiedPurse is the safest and most effective means for your transactions. Also as an existing trader, connect your business/website to UnifiedPurse free of charge for a larger market coverage.
GUIDE: How To Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum On UnifiedPurse

For this description, let's use a case study of Bitcoin. The same idea actually applies for trading Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum on UnifiedPurse

A. If you already have some Bitcoin that you are willing to sell, then:

  • Go ahead and load your wallet
  • Then proceed by setting up your selling rates and processing fee.
  • Now, once a buyer initiate a trade, you will be contacted via all available notification means. You will then have to agree-to-process the transaction (or reject) within the stipulated response-window, otherwise, the transaction will be automatically canceled.
    Please note that whatever the outcome of this process be, also affects the calculation of your rating/reputation
  • If you agree-to-process the transaction, the equivalent Bitcoin will be removed from your balance into the escrow, while you await the payment to be made by the buyer into your indicated payment method (e.g Bank, Western Union..)
  • The buyer will normally supply you with a proof-of-payment (and you will be notified, with an expectation to respond promptly)
  • Once you can successfully confirm the buyer's payment, you will be expected to indicate this from your transaction log, and the pending Bitcoin will be automatically released to the buyer.
  • If you could not confirm the buyer's claim of payment after 1 hour, you may dispute the claim from your transaction log, and a UnifiedPurse agent will intervene to resolve this issue manually.
  • Please Note (IMPORTANT): If the buyer has supplied the proof of payment, but you do not respond (to agree or dispute), the purchased Bitcoin will be automatically released to the buyer after the elapsement of the stipulated time that equals to your specified payment-window from your rate settings

B. If you want to start selling other currencies (e.g Perfectmoney, USD...), and accepting payments through (buying) Bitcoin :

  • Then proceed by setting up your buying rates and processing fee.

    Since it is very unlikely that a customer will want to trade with you when you have no reputation/rating, it is expected that you first gain some reputation by selling Bitcoin as indicated above. This reputation (from selling Bitcoin) will be automatically used to offset your reputation on buying Bitcoin; until you perform your first transaction and your new rating is computed accordingly

  • Once a seller initiate a trade, you will be contacted via all available notification means. You will then have to agree-to-process the transaction (or reject) within the stipulated response-window, otherwise, the transaction will be automatically canceled.
    Please note that whatever the outcome of this process be, also affects the calculation your rating/reputation
  • If you agree-to-process the transaction, the equivalent Bitcoin will be removed from the seller's Bitcoin balance into the escrow, while you will be expected as to (as soon as possible) make the payment/transfer of the correponding account (e.g Bank, Western Union..), that the seller had indicated while initiating the transaction.
  • Then supply your a proof-of-payment (from your transaction log page) and the buyer will be immediately notified to confirm your payment
  • Once the seller has successfully confirmed your payment, the Bitcoin will be automatically released from escrow into your UnifiedPurse wallet.
  • If you have supplied the the proof of payment, but the seller do not respond (to agree or dispute), the Bitcoin will be automatically released to you after the elapsement of the stipulated time, that equals to your specified payment-window from your rate settings
  • If the seller could not confirm the your claim of payment after 1 hour, he/she may dispute your payment claim, and a UnifiedPurse agent will need to intervene to resolve this issue manually.

Side Notes

Your personal market-url can be found on your dashboard, you may also like to share it with your customers on different platforms for increased patronage.

It is also smart to generate a passive income revenue for yourself by introducing people to the business on UnifiedPurse exchanger platform (through your exchanger referral-url located at the bottom of this page. They will become your referral automatically after signing-up, and you will start getting credited with 10% commissions instantly from every charges on their trades for 6 months

For the newbies, mostly, the basic principle of the trade is to find out a reputable and reliable source (e.g: through google here) or even ( maybe on UnifiedPurse market), where you will buy Bitcoin at fairly considerable rate.
Then proceed to set-up your rates for selling, at a slightly higher rates than the amount at which you bought.

GUIDE: How To Stay Safe While Trading Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum

It's important having good digital security, but it's especially important when you're trading CryptoCurrencies. When you have advertisements up selling a Digital Currency you also tell the world that you have CryptoCurrencies, which can make you an attractive target to cyber criminals if you don't have your security in check.

Most common attacks are done using spear phishing techniques. That's where the attackers will first attempt to get access to other services that you use, mainly your e-mail or cell phone account. From there they will try to get access to your financial services. This is why it's very important to keep all of your online accounts secure, not just your UnifiedPurse account. By following these steps you can be sure that your account is protected from most security threats.

  • Enable Email Authentication from your profile settings, prevent logins to your account without an e-mail confirmation. This is not enabled by default for older accounts, please make sure it is turned on.
  • Use a different e-mail address for your UnifiedPurse account that is not used for anything else. Don't give this address out to your customers, use a separate e-mail account for customer correspondence. Gmail accounts are good as you can protect them with two-factor authentication.
  • Be VERY cautious of any images, links and other files that customers or unknown people send you, it can be an attempt to infect your computer with malware or worse. Run periodic malware and anti-virus checks on your computer.
  • Don't use the same password on more than one site , instead use unique and randomly generated passwords. A password manager, like KeePass, allows you to do this without having to remember all your passwords. Using the same password on more than one site very dangerous, it can allow an attacker to get access to many of your accounts by knowing only one password.
  • Enable Two-Factor authentication on services that support it , Google, Facebook, Dropbox all support it.
  • Educate yourself on cyber security. Having knowledge is probably the best defence, read up on common attack techniques such as spear phishing to know how to identify potential attacks.

Verify the buyer

If you are selling Digital Currencies for a payment method that is reversible you should verify that it is the buyer who is making the payment with his own account.

When you receive a new trade, take a look at the buyer's UnifiedPurse profile to gauge the reputation of the buyer. Go through the buyer's previous feedback and his trading history. Check that the users IP address is from the same country as the payment is coming from.

If you're selling using a payment method such as transfer with specific bank where the buyer's name is visible, limiting your advertisement to only users who has verified their ID with UnifiedPurse is a good idea.

Reversible payments

Most of online payment methods are reversible. The payment provider can take back a payment even after it has arrived to your account. For example, PayPal payments are reversible up to 180 days.

In many countries, online banking is not protected by two-factor authentication. This means that whoever gains the control of user computer, using malware or otherwise hijacked computer, can do unauthorized bank transfers. This is an issue for SWIFT, SEPA and wire transfers. Receiving money from a stolen source may lead to freezing your bank accounts for the duration of criminal investigation. The way to mitigate this risk is to check that the buyer id matches the sender bank account name.

Characteristics of fraudulent activity

Scammers take advantage of the fact that CryptoCurrency transaction are irreversible or they try to trick you into releasing CryptoCurrencies without sending payment. That's why it is important to never release CryptoCurrencies from escrow until you have payment. Even if it's a regular buyer and someone you know, as once the CryptoCurrencies have been released from escrow, there is no way for you to get them back.

With reversible payments, scammers will attempt to pay using stolen credentials or purchase proof. Requiring the buyer to have ID verified their UnifiedPurse account, and always checking that the users real name matches that of the payment information helps you stop these attempts.

In case you encounter a suspicious user you can always open a dispute for the trade and UnifiedPurse support will help you ensure a safe trade.

Quick tips on identifying scammers

  • Fraudulent buyers are often in a hurry. The more a customer asks you to hurry/rush the more suspicious you should be, real customers always have patience.

  • Fraudulent buyers often suggest doing all or part of the transaction outside escrow and then do not complete their part of the transaction.
  • Be careful about photoshopped payment evidence, don't release CryptoCurrencies until you have confirmed that you have received the money. You are not obliged to release a trade until you can verify that you have received the buyer's payment.
  • Don't open any links that your trading partner is sending to you. If you must, use different browser than the one you are using.
  • Don't visit websites other than with the browser that you're using to trade. Use a different browser for other websites.
  • Bookmark in your browser and always use the bookmark when visiting the website. This helps you avoid accidentally visiting phishing websites, they exist and can be very convincing. Even experienced traders have fallen victim to phishing websites.
  • If you're unsure about a user, you can always contact support for help.


Please also read our terms of service.

  • support handles disputes based on evidence supplied by trade participants and their reputation.
  • Disputes can be started 1 hour after payment is marked complete.
  • If the buyer has fewer than 3 completed trades, the seller may open a dispute after 1 hour.
  • After the escrow has been released by the seller the trade is considered finished by and cannot be disputed.
  • When a CryptoCurrency seller is unresponsive, UnifiedPurse will release the CryptoCurrency to the buyer if the buyer can provide valid proof of payment.
  • If the buyer is unresponsive after starting a trade, the escrow will released back to the seller by UnifiedPurse support.
What Is UnifiedPurse?
UnifiedPurse is a one-stop platform for diversity of crypto-currency transactions. UnifiedPurse is useful for:
  • Receiving payments online for your products and services or donations.

    By blowing-open the wide range of payment methods available to payers, you have no worry about how your customers are going to acquire the type of digital currencies that you accept for payment.

  • Transfering funds between persons or countries without currency barrier

    Supposing a person in Nigeria, need to make a payment in USD to the bank account of a recipient that recides in the United States.
    The payer can simply get some bitcoin (for example) here, then proceed to find an exchanger in the United States, that will buy the Bitcoins and pay in local currency (USD) to the recipient's bank account in the United States.

  • Trading (buying and selling) digital currencies to make profits

    Even if you already have a website (from which you buy and/or sell digital currencies), you can still trade on UnifiedPurse, taking advangate of the simplicity and broader market-reach.

How do I sell Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum on UnifiedPurse
To sell Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum; first load your UnifiedPurse wallet with the amount you are willing to sell. Then proceed to find your preferred exchanger (probably based on considerations of the exchanger's ratings/reputation, exchange-rates and processing fee)
How do I recieve payments into my UnifiedPurse account

There are 4 ways you can get your UnifiedPurse account funded

  1. Receive payments through Shopping Cart Interface (SCI) by simply directing the payeer to your SCI page, as explain here in this documentation
  2. Receive direct transfer when you give your UnifiedPurse username to another user for an instant transfer from their UnifiedPurse wallet balance to yours
  3. Buy digital currencies through trading transactions from customers by setting up your rates
  4. Keep receiving passive income in form of referral commissions from every charges on transactions performed by the people that you have referred to sign-up. You can copy your referral url from your trade settings page or from your dashboard
How long does it take to receive/send payments using my UnifiedPurse account
  • For direct fund transfer between accounts, or instant conversion between wallet currencies, the transaction is instant.
  • For a trading transaction, the duration depends on the processing/response time of both the buyer and the seller
  • For a withdrawal from your UnifiedPurse wallet balance into your external address, the processing time is mostly under 900 seconds
  • What Is Miner Fee

    Withdrawals to an external Crypto-currency wallets are subject to CryptoCurrency network transaction fee this is called the miner fee, a very low amount taken by the corresponding blockchain node operators (known as miners) to compute and insert your transaction information into the blockchain. The size of the fee varies/changes depending on the congestion current usage rate of the Crypto-currency blockchain

    When sending Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum to an external wallet address, the miner fee needed for that transaction will be charged from your balance.

    If your deposit amount is smaller than the crypto-currency deposit fee, the deposit will not be processed.
    How am I protected from being scammed
    All trades are protected by escrow. When a trade is started the amount of crypto-currency for the trade is automatically reserved from the seller's UnifiedPurse Wallet. This means that if the seller runs away with your money and does not release your crypto-currency UnifiedPurse support can release the crypto-currency to you from escrow. If you're selling crypto-currency, never release the escrow before you know that you have received money from the CryptoCurrency buyer.
    What are the available payment methods
    Risk level is an approximated measure of the tendency for charge-back. ( i.e how easy it is for the buyer to reverse the payment )
    In which, reversals can occur weeks or months after the trade. In fact the payment provider may lock your account without a refund after receiving payments for crypto-currency if related to fraud-case.
    NOTE Risk-level only applies when you are selling crypto-currencies online. You don't have any concern with risk-level if you are buying digital currencies

    ID Payment System Risk Level Description
    1 national-bank-transfer LOW Wire transfer within a specific country. Or Go to a bank / ATM and deposit cash directly to the bank account
    2 transfers-with-specific-bank LOW Transfers to and from other customers with the same bank as you.
    3 altcoin-alternative-cryptocurrencies LOW Any other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.
    4 sepa-eu-bank-transfer LOW Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) wire transfers. Usually recallable up to 10 days.
    5 okpay HIGH OKPAY allows you to accept bank wire and cash money transfers and all e-currencies quickly and affordably. Currently OKPay offers as irreversible payment.
    6 paypal HIGH Transfer money to anybody with an email address.
    7 webmoney HIGH Secure and immediate transactions online.
    8 moneybookers-skrill HIGH The simple and secure way to send and receive money.
    9 neteller HIGH Instant deposits, withdrawals and payouts online.
    10 cashiers-check HIGH Checks signed by cashiers.
    11 venmo HIGH Send money to friends using a mobile app in US. Can be funded using a credit card.
    12 dwolla HIGH Send money online using Dwolla.
    13 perfect-money HIGH Instant payments and confidential money transfers online.
    14 cashu HIGH Pay online securely without bank account or credit card and fund your account using variety of methods.
    15 paysafecard HIGH Pay online securely without bank account or credit card in Europe. Fund your account with redeemable coupons.
    16 payza HIGH Send and receive money online. Fund your account with wire transfer or credit card.
    17 hal-cash HIGH Hal-Cash is a bank service that allows you to send money to any mobile phone, and be withdrawn instantly at an ATM of any of the financial institutions associated with the worldwide system, anytime and anywhere without needing a credit card.
    18 western-union MEDIUM Send and receive money internationally. The receiver can redeem the transfer as cash.
    19 postepay MEDIUM Italian online payments.
    20 moneygram MEDIUM Send and receive money internationally. The receiver can redeem the transfer as cash.
    21 postal-order MEDIUM Sending money through the mail in UK and US.
    22 ria-money-transfer MEDIUM Send and receive money internationally. The receiver can redeem the transfer as cash.
    23 m-pesa-tanzania-vodacom UNKNOWN Send and receive money with mobile phone in Africa.
    24 bpay-bill-payment UNKNOWN Bpay allows Australians different ways to pay their bills.
    25 transferwise UNKNOWN Transfer money online internationally
    26 telegramatic-order UNKNOWN Payment method in Croatia
    27 payeer UNKNOWN Send money anywhere in the world, receiver does not need be registered.
    28 vipps HIGH Send money to anyone who has a Norwegian phone number.
    29 cash-by-mail HIGH Send cash to the receiver via mail.
    30 chase-quickpay HIGH Person-to-person payments through Chase's quickpay system.
    31 gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    32 gift-card-code-global HIGH A gift card code.
    33 google-wallet HIGH Online payment method to transfer funds between two Google Wallet users.
    34 amazon-gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    35 vanilla HIGH Redeemable coupons and debit cards.
    36 paypal-my-cash HIGH Coupons which can be used to load your PayPal account.
    37 solidtrustpay HIGH International instant payment processor. Multiple funding options.
    38 apple-store-gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    39 steam-gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    40 itunes-gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    41 square-cash HIGH Send money to friends using a mobile app in US. Can be funded with debit cards.
    42 credit-card HIGH Buy Bitcoins using your credit card.
    43 reloadit HIGH Redeemable coupons and debit cards.
    44 walmart-gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    45 ebay-gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    46 starbucks-gift-card-code HIGH A gift card code.
    47 swish LOW Send and receive Swedish Kroner to and from mobile phone numbers.
    48 qiwi LOW Send money to anyone with a Qiwi account. All you need to know is their phone number, simple easy and fast.
    49 m-pesa-kenya-safaricom LOW Send and receive money with your mobile phone in Africa.
    50 international-wire-swift MEDIUM International wire transfer with SWIFT code
    51 mobilepay-fi MEDIUM Easy way to send money with phone numbers, works with all Finnish banks.
    52 imps-bank-transfer-india MEDIUM IMPS bank transfers in India.
    53 interac-e-transfer MEDIUM Canadian online transfers
    54 pingit MEDIUM Barclays mobile payments in UK.
    55 paym MEDIUM Pay your friends and family using just their mobile number.
    56 pyc MEDIUM Pay your contacts - mobile payments by Natwest / Royal Bank of Scotland
    57 xoom MEDIUM Xoom Corporation is a digital money transfer company based in San Francisco. It provides consumer remittance services to Europe, Canada, Australia, Latin America, the Philippines and India.
    58 mobilepay MEDIUM Easy way to send money with phone numbers, works with all Danish banks.
    59 netspend-reload-pack MEDIUM Redeemable coupon for NetSpend card
    60 mobilepay-no MEDIUM Easy way to send money with phone numbers, works with all Norwegian banks.
    61 walmart-2-walmart MEDIUM Send and receive money between two Walmart locations. The receiver can redeem the transfer as cash.
    62 serve2serve MEDIUM Reloadable debit cards and transfers between them.
    63 yandex-money MEDIUM Mobile payment solution.
    64 paytm UNKNOWN Indian mobile payment method (Pay Through Mobile).
    65 lydia UNKNOWN French mobile payment method.
    66 alipay UNKNOWN Alipay is a major Chinese online payment system.
    67 superflash UNKNOWN Italian debit card with an IBAN number.
    68 astropay UNKNOWN AstroPay Card is an easy and safe way to make payments online in latin american countries.
    69 advcash UNKNOWN Advanced cash is an online wallet service that lets you send and receive money.
    70 hyperwallet UNKNOWN hyperWALLET is online payment solution which offers instant bank transfer funding in Canada.
    71 tigo-pesa-tanzania UNKNOWN Send and receive money with mobile phone in Africa.
    72 payoneer UNKNOWN Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services.
    73 onecard UNKNOWN Prepaid card sold in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait.
    74 paxum UNKNOWN Send money anywhere in the world with just an email address.
    75 cash-at-atm UNKNOWN Cash at ATM is a service some banks that lets you withdraw or deposit money from/to ATMs with a PIN code.
    76 wechat UNKNOWN WeChat Pay is a digital wallet service incorporated into WeChat, which allows users to perform mobile payments and send money between contacts.
    77 easypaisa UNKNOWN Send money to other people in Pakistan using your mobile phone.
    78 worldremit UNKNOWN Send money anywhere in the world.
    79 other-online-payment HIGH The exchanger gives payment details in the offer message
    80 other-online-wallet HIGH Other online wallets that do not have their own category. The exchanger gives payment details in the offer description.
    81 other-online-wallet-global HIGH International online wallets that do not have their own category.. The exchanger gives payment details in the offer descirption
    82 other-remittance HIGH Remittance vendors not already on the list. The exchanger gives payment details in the offer message
    83 other-pre-paid-debit-card HIGH National pre-paid debit cards that do not have their own category. The exchanger gives payment details in the offer descirption
    How does the rating system work?

    UnifiedPurse has two types of rating system. 1. The System Rating 2. The Customers Rating/feedback

    1. The System Rating is computed from the result of analysing an exchanger's your previous transactions. (by summing up the: A. percentage of successfully completed transactions, B. the relative (compared to expected) response time in which the exchanger responds to request for trade, and C. the relative processing duration taken by the exchanger to completely process the payment for the customer. This factors will be considered in the ratio weight of 2.5, 1 and 1.5 respectively; making the maximum total rating of 5)
      This rating is displayed on the exchanger's profile and also used in the sorting-algorithm for suggesting exchangers to customers.
    2. The Customers Rating/feedback is the average value of the ratings and comments left on the profile of an exchanger by (only) the users that has transacted with him/her about their experience on each transaction.
      This rating is made available on the exchanger's profile, and customers can make their at their discretion decisions based on the values
    Can I change my username or email?
    Currently we do not allow username or email changes due to security reasons.
    How do I enable web notifications?

    Web notifications allow you to receive pop-up notifications through your browser whenever you get a new notification on UnifiedPurse. If you're trading crypto-currency and want to know immediately when something happens, enable web notifications from your profile.

    Tick the box that says Enable Web notifications and when your browser asks you for permission to show web notifications, press accept. You're now all set and will start receiving web notifications.

    Forum Rules
  • No direct or indirect personal attacks or insults will be allowed.
  • Posts that antagonize, insult, belittle users or moderators will not be tolerated. Nor will racism, sexism, bigotry or foul language be accepted.
  • No CryptoCurrency trades, or advertisements of any other kind may be posted to the forum.
  • Posts talking about, referring to or suggesting tips etc. for illegal actions are strictly forbidden.
  • Posts linking to copyrighted material or web pages containing guides on how to obtain or engage in actions which are illegal are strictly forbidden.
  • Posts containing personally identifiable information (i.e. names, addresses, emails, phone numbers etc.) are not allowed.
  • Posting links to phishing, scamming or hacking websites & guides is not allowed.
  • Spamming the forums either with multiple topics or replies is forbidden.
  • You are not allowed to ask for loans on the forums.
  • Users who are found breaking the rules will have their posts removed and may have their UnifiedPurse account banned either for a time period or indefinitely.
  • Common Problems & Solutions

    A trader is asking me for my ID, and I don't feel comfortable.

    Sometimes a trader may ask for your ID. If you are trading for the first time with a trader he/she may ask for you to identify yourself, even if you've already verified your ID with UnifiedPurse. This is because in certain countries sellers are required by local laws to know who their customers are. Most sellers explain in the terms of the trade if they require ID verification or not.

    If you do not wish to give the seller your ID, you can always cancel the trade and search for a trader with less strict requirements.

    Always send your ID to the seller via the trade chat, our trade chat messages are kept encrypted on our servers and are deleted after 180 days. All photographs sent to the trade chat is also marked with a watermark to prevent misuse of the images.

    I've paid the seller but I haven't received my crypto-currency yet. Is this normal?
    • The sellers usually release crypto-currency as soon as they see your payment, which can sometimes take an hour or two. If you've paid but are still waiting there is nothing to worry about, for all online trades are protected by escrow and the seller cannot run away with your CryptoCurrency.
    • If there are any issues with a trade and the seller won't release your crypto-currency, you can dispute the trade to have UnifiedPurse support resolve it.
    • If you are buying or selling crypto-currency online, you can dispute the trade after 1 hour if you have marked the payment completed.
    • A dispute can no longer be started if the crypto-currency have been released from escrow or if it's a local trade without escrow enabled.

    When a trade you're involved in becomes disputed, you'll receive an SMS notification and an email, in most cases simply starting the dispute is enough to get the attention of your trading partner. A disputed trade is usually resolved within 24-48 hours.

    I've made my payment, but I forgot to submit the proof of payment in time

    This answer concerns the case when you are buying crypto-currency online.

    After you send in a trade request to the seller of crypto-currency, you have a time window to complete the payment before the trade is automatically canceled (the payment window varies depending on the payment method of the trade). During this time you need to complete your payment and submit your proof-of-payment. The seller is notified that you've made the payment and the crypto-currency will be held in escrow until the seller releases them for you when seeing the payment in his/her account.

    If you paid for the purchase, but did not mark the payment complete before the payment time window expired, please contact the seller through the trade. The CryptoCurrency seller has functionality to Reopen the purchase, this also re-enables escrow. You can contact the seller and your other existing trade contacts from the Dashboard in your UnifiedPurse User Profile. Send a message to the seller and kindly explain the situation and why you couldn't complete payment within the time window.

    If the seller does not respond to this request please contact UnifiedPurse support using the Support request form and mention your trade contact id number.

    I sent crypto-currency to the wrong address, can I get them back?

    CryptoCurrency transactions are irreversible, once you’ve sent money to another CryptoCurrency address it is not possible for you or UnifiedPurse to reverse it. To get your CryptoCurrency back you can try to find the owner of the address and ask them to return the CryptoCurrency to you. From where did you get the address where you sent the crypto-currency to? You can try googling the address to see if is related to any CryptoCurrency service that has contact details or you can try using a service such as wallet explorer to see if the wallet is tagged as belonging to a CryptoCurrency company.

    If those searches come up empty, you can still try asking on our discussion forums if anyone knows to whom the address belongs, but chances are slim.

    Please note that the same wallet can have multiple incoming addresses. The CryptoCurrency protocol ensures that crypto-currency are not sent to an address that does not exist, but they can be sent to addresses which are inactive or not controlled by anyone.

    I'm not receiving any emails, what can I do?
    If you're not receiving Emails/Notifications from UnifiedPurse, Take a peek in your spam folder, the emails you're looking for may be in there. You may want to mark any message you see there as 'Not A Spam', sothat it'll rather enter you r inbox.
    My phone number is verified with another user account
    Your phone number can only be verified with one account. To use your phone number with a different account you must first de-activate your phone number from the previous account. If you can't log in to your other account to remove your phone number please contact UnifiedPurse support and include the phone number in the ticket
    Why is my advertisement not showing up?

    There are many things that affect advertisement visibility, e.g. your trading history; feedback; account age; advertisement settings and more. If your ad is not showing up please check the following list of common problems.

    1. Do you have CryptoCurrency in your UnifiedPurse wallet?

      There is high tendency that your ads has been pushed down by the system algorithm

    2. Open a support ticket

      You can always open up a support ticket to ask for help with advertisement visibility.

    How often are advertisement prices updated?

    Advertisement prices are based on Digital Currencies exchange rates. The CryptoCurrency exchange rate is volatile and may change rapidly.

    UnifiedPurse exchangers may update their exchange rates and prices quite frequently (even within 5 minutes) because sometimes, the CryptoCurrency price is fluctuates rapidly. However, the price of the purchase is determined at the moment the crypto-currency buyer sends in the trade request.

    How can I specify a dynamic price?
    Not directly on the platform, but you can rather have your script running somewhere, and remotely updating your rates as necessary through the method described here in the documentation

    Get More Help

    In case any of your question has not been answered here already, you can then ask a question on our forums or open up a support ticket to contact our support representatives

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