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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the likely question has already been addressed in the 'How It Works' and Home page, please check first.

  • What does UnifiedPurse KYC Entails

    The customers are requested to take a picture of themself, then another picture of them holding thier ID card. After submission, an admin will visually inspect these to acertain some good level of authenticity (e.g Face matching ID pics, Name & Location correctness).
    If requested, a caption of (partially covered) credit card will also be required for the same examination.
    Please note that UnifiedPurse don't necessariy do actual background check on the ID supplied; we basically collect these detail to both deter malicious customers and provide you with a "get-out-of-trouble card in form of KYC.

  • How long does KYC Verification takes?

    Usually within few minutes. We get notified and attend to submissions promptly.

  • What happens if i exhaust my subscription-balance?

    Your payers will only see your imported gateway options if you have an active subscription.
    Meanwhile, your subscription doesn't expire even after the validity period, unless you've successfully received at least 1 payment within the month.

  • How many payment methods can i add?

    Unlimited! Irrespective of your subscription plan, you can add any number of payment methods.
    In fact you can have multiple instances of the same payment system; e.g Two: Bank Deposit options.

  • How safe are my API tokens supplied here?

    We have a bank-grade security system in place such as 2-factor authentication, Login attemps logs and Brute-force Prevention.

  • Where does my received payments go?

    Directly into your respective accounts. Your payment doesn't pass through us at all, we only provide a simplified unified interface.
    E.g when receiving payment via Stripe, the payment is received directly into your stripe account. Or when it's bank deposit/transfer; the payments are made into your own bank account details according to your settings.

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