Accept universal payments, conveniently.

Import and manage all your payment methods from here, to create a seamless checkout experience for your payers.

No need of keeping tabs on API/SCI documentation separately for each platform. Control availability of all your payment methods from a single point.

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Universal Payments

Local and international payments: Cards, Crypto/Digital Currencies, Bank Wire/Transfers, 3rd-party remittance.. all from a unified interface.

Smooth Experiences

Give your payers an amazing checkout/payment experience; even if they are using manual methods like local bank-deposit.

Zero Transaction Fee

Moreover, your subscription fee here won't expire after the validity period, unless you've received at least 1 successfully payment in the month.

KYC/Safe Payments

For high chargeback-risk payment methods like paypal/credit card, you may choose to pre-require UnifiedPurse KYC from your payers.

Why should I switch to UnifiedPurse?

We don't even touch your money

Your payments are received directly into your own respective accounts. It doesn't pass through us at all.

Payment Receipts / Invoicing

Receive real-time alerts/email notifications, as your customers also get their payment receipts.

Your payments, Your rule!

Easily set your own processing fee and currency conversion rate for each payment method.

Configure and Control

Switch and control the availability of all your payment methods from a single point, based on different conditions.

Unified Payment Interface


What are people saying about UnifiedPurse?

UnifiedPurse makes people want to pay you.

Ibukun Oladipo CTO at CheapGlobalSMS

This is efficient in solving our challenges. Highly recommended.

Italos Marios CEO/Founder Intergo Interactive Ltd &

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