About UnifiedPurse

Use unifiedpurse to safely receive online payments worldwide, without charge-back / reversal risks. UnifiedPurse.com will present your payer with over 80 popular payment systems worldwide, and collate your payments into your unified Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum wallets.

Meanwhile, You can as well sell, exchange or buy your BTC, LTC and ETH instantly at the unified trading market with escrow protection, and get paid directly into your bank or any alternative payment gateway / method of your choice.

With UnifiedPurse.com offering perfect financial handling solutions for both individuals, online-stores/website owners or corporate bodies; here is the summary:

UnifiedPurse is a smart all-in-one payment gateway for local and international transactions, protecting sellers from transaction reversal or charge-back risks.

(Copy and integrate UnifiedPurse payment gateway into your CMS/E-Commerce,BLOG or any other websites using the ready-made payment snippets/URLS)

UnifiedPurse leverages on crypto-currencies to ensure very tiny transaction charges; (about the lowest charges you can get).
And if you're a Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum trader (even if you already have your website), UnifiedPurse will offer you the sizable market to sell (or buy) your BTC, LTC, ETH from the users and make profits; when you become an exchanger.
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